The holidays are upon us! Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? If you have natural stone countertops, we have a holiday care guide for you!


It is important to re-seal your countertops once a year, so why not do it before the holiday season for extra protection? Don’t want to tackle this job yourself? Our handymen are skilled professionals that can handle this job for you in a breeze.

Cutting Boards

A big part of hosting Thanksgiving is all the meal prep and the carving of the bird. Natural stone is tough, but not so tough when you put a knife against it. Stock up on cutting boards for the main event and use them for preparing and serving your feast.

Heat Protectant

Everything needs heat protectant, and it is important to heat protect your countertops too! Use hot pads and trivets to protect your countertops.

Clean Up

If you have marble countertops, cleaning up acidic spills like red wine is very important to do ASAP to avoid staining and etching so be sure to clean as you go.

We hope this guide finds you well! From all of us at LBJ Construction, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. For more additional content, check out our blog!